Storage unit shelving

SPAR Storage unit racks can be used in all storage units that you rent out at Kennards, Storage King etc. This allows for optimum usage of these storage spaces to the maximum.

Storage unit racks are available in any configuration of length, width and height mentioned below. All step beams come with a provision to Particle Board shelves upto 18mm thick, steel shelves or wire mesh decks to suit. We have all accessories available for your purchase. Any other smaller height upright frames are possible by easily cutting down large frames so check with us on what is possible. All dimensions of beams mentioned above are inside to inside (between the lips). Frames are 60mm thick so a typical rack 1500mm wide with 2 frames will have a total width of 60mm + 1500mm + 60mm = 1620mm wide.

The shelving can be supplied with timber, steel or wire mesh decks to suit all kinds of end users and is an ideal garage rack for those customers wanting to clear up the clutter in their garage and organize their limited free space. Its available as black frames and orange or yellow beams in the following dimensions.

Storage Unit shelving configurations
Height/Depth Lengths
1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
2200/450 x x x x x
2200/600 x x x x x
2200/900 x x x x x
2200/1200 x x x x x
2500/450 x x x x x
2500/600 x x x x x
2500/900 x x x x x
2500/1200 x x x x x
* All dims in mm