Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking is a multi product use racking product that can be used to build simple racks or used in a configuration to build carpet racks and rack supported floors etc.

Selective PR uses the FIFO (First in First out) principle and is the simplest form of Pallet Racking. Its the only type of racking that can offer 100% access to any pallet in your system at any point in time. SR racking is generally designed as Single or back-to-back rows of racks with an aisle wide enough for a fork lift truck. Since SR takes up the maximum amount of space in a warehouse when installed it is used to benchmark the capacity of the warehouse before comparing it with any other system to understand increase in capacities. The design below illustrates that using selective racking we can accommodate 976 pallets in typical 1000 square meter warehouse. From hereon we will demonstrate how using various systems the capacity of this model warehouse can be tuned. We have many width and height combinations available in stock from 1830 to 5791mm High frames and from 610 to 1220 depth. We can supply and install any height width combination required.

Height (Frames)

  • 2438mm
  • 3048mm
  • 4267mm
  • 4877mm
  • 5791mm

(Any custom size upto 10000mm can be ordered as a single piece)


  • 610mm
  • 838mm
  • 1220mm

Beam Lengths stocked and imported

  • 1372mm (4500 Kg Capacity)
  • 1540mm (4000 Kg Capacity)
  • 2591mm (600 Kg Capacity)
  • 2591mm (1500 Kg Capacity)
  • 2591mm (2400 Kg Capacity)
  • 2591mm (3000 Kg Capacity)
  • 2591mm (4000 Kg Capacity)
  • 2743mm (2100 Kg Capacity)
  • 3048mm (2000 Kg Capacity)
  • 3810mm (2600 Kg Capacity)

Custom sizes upto 4500mm can be ordered