Prevention is always cheaper and better than cure. We have accessories like floor bolted row end protectors and upright protectors shown below that shield the system against an avalanche effect by absorbing the first impact of a forklift. This prevents cost saving damage to the system. To avoid overloading we always provide load signs for your installation which have to be strictly adhered to under all circumstances.

Pallet Rack protection types

Side Protection

Rack row end side guards or bollards are used to protect the side of a rack from FLT impact and are reliable since they are bolted to the floor.

Rack Upright Guards

Rack Upright Guards are used to protect the upright post itself from a frontal impact. These guards are also bolted to the floor and can take a strong impact.

Load Signs

Load signs whern used with additional OH & S procedures ensure in information availability at the warehouse floor level for permanent and temporary staff. These are provided free of cost with all our installations.