House garage shelving

Garage racks can be used in residential garages to utilize the waste space that is left over after parking your car. A typical 300 cm x 600cm Garage can accommodate these units and the loading level (once a board is fitted over the beams) can be utilized to store temporarily unwanted household items. The rack can easily be stacked with products up to 500kgs on the beams directly so you do not have to worry about over loading it.

The shelving can be supplied with timber, steel or wire mesh decks to suit all kinds of end users and is an ideal garage rack for those customers wanting to clear up the clutter in their garage and organize their limited free space. Its available as black frames and orange or yellow beams in the following dimensions.

Garage shelving configurations
Height/Depth Lengths
1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Capacities 1000 kgs 800 kgs 600 kgs 400 kgs 300 kgs
2200/450 x x x x x
2200/600 x x x x x
2200/900 x x x x x
2200/1200 x x x x x
2500/450 x x x x x
2500/600 x x x x x
2500/900 x x x x x
2500/1200 x x x x x
* All dims in mm