Drive In Pallet Racking

A DIR once again as its name suggests is a rack into which a forklift itself can be driven - to load and retrieve a given pallet. This is the second densest form of storage in Pallet Racking with the first one being a gravity flow pallet racking system. The system can make do with only one aisle if required depending on the depth of each lane required by the client. Guide rails are generally provided on the floor for systems more than 3 to 4 deep and more than 3 hugh to minimize forklift operator error. A standard forklift can be used in this system with the exception of ones with larger cage dimensions. Check the cage to ensure it will pass beneath the first rail. The capacity of the our warehouse is demonstrated as increased by 66% over SR as illustrated below. Prices based on application and system size.


Drive in Racking(DIR) Layout shown with approximate storage of 1624 pallets 4 high in a typical 1000 sq. mt warehouse. As is evident the one aisle in the centre controls the whole system access. This aisle can be divided for safe loading and unloading access. The height of the system is driven by the pallets heights and the reach of the material handling equipment.