Coolroom Shelving

Cool Room racking is a product made to last long in Cool Rooms and Freezers used in the Food, Pharmaceutical and some other industries. The product is custom made and is of a different thickness than the standard product as well as coated with a galvanised finish in a Hot Dip process that enables  it to withstand the zero and sub zero temperatures of these special zones and not react to the temperature and humidity. The racks can be manufactured in any configuration of height width and depth to suit customer requirements. These racks are available in 2 variants, as Pallet Racking and as Longspan shelving.

The shelving can be supplied with timber, steel or wire mesh decks to suit all kinds of end users and is an ideal garage rack for those customers wanting to clear up the clutter in their garage and organize their limited free space. Its available as black frames and orange or yellow beams in the following dimensions.

Longspan shelving configurations
Height/Depth Lengths
1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Capacities 1000 kgs 800 kgs 600 kgs 400 kgs 300 kgs
2200/450 x x x x x
2200/600 x x x x x
2200/900 x x x x x
2200/1200 x x x x x
2500/450 x x x x x
2500/600 x x x x x
2500/900 x x x x x
2500/1200 x x x x x
* All dims in mm