Carton Flow Racking & Shelving

The SPAR Racking carton flow rack is a high density, dynamic storage systems that increase flexibility and maintains the First-In / First-Out product flow from the stocking aisle to the picking aisle increasing efficiency. The items being stored are loaded in the rear and rolled down to the front where they are picked. The inclined front offers optimum visibility and access to the containers, which allows easy retrieval of more bulky merchandise with short storage time. The roller tracks are used in a number of combinations, depending on the carton sizes, the quality of the carton and the weight. The roller beds are developed to allow a maximum flexibility in the positioning of the tracks and can be laid at a very small pitch. 

Accessories are numerous: 
-Brake clips to control the speed of the carton
-Lane separators at enry or along the full depth
-Roller protection and integrated stops