Cable reel shelving

Cable racks are generally used for housing cable reels in an organized manner. They are available in 2 variants, The Heavy duty version and the Light duty version.

The Light duty cable rack:

Made from Longspan shelving components this rack is used for light duty cable storage and access in retail or just around the house/garage. The rack can be made out of vertical frames or A frames as needed and can be configured to any load requirement from 50 to 500 kgs per level as necessary. This is a stock product but configuration will take a week to organize.

Cable rack configurations
Height/Depth Lengths
1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Capacities 1000 kgs 800 kgs 600 kgs 400 kgs 300 kgs
2200/450 x x x x x
2200/600 x x x x x
2200/900 x x x x x
2200/1200 x x x x x
2500/450 x x x x x
2500/600 x x x x x
2500/900 x x x x x
2500/1200 x x x x x
* All dims in mm