Australian Standards

Steel racking is a structural product and needs to conform to certain standards due to its weight bearing capabilities. Be aware of many suppliers (usually fly-by-night operators) that import untested racking from unknown manufacturers and falsely claim conformance to Australian AS-4084 standards. Getting your products tested and certified to our stringent standards is actually a rigorous and expensive process and not all products stand up to it. SPAR would not stamp its name into the recesses of our products unless we were sure of its quality and manufacturing processes. Please note that if you do not see our brand stamped on the beams it was not supplied by us.

SPAR Racking products currently conform to AS 4084-2012 standards. The standards changed a bit last from the existing ones which were about 20 years old and we have had to retest our products to meet these stringent standards.

This Standard was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee BD-062, Steel Storage Racking, to supersede AS 4084—1993, Steel storage racking. The objective of this Standard is to provide designers of steel storage racking with specifications for hot-rolled and cold-formed steel structural members used for action carrying purposes. The design provisions of the Standard are based on the limit states method and are intended to supplement AS 4100 and AS/NZS 4600. This edition incorporates the following major changes to the previous edition: (a) The Standard is in limit states format. (b) The Standard provides for internal actions to be determined by linear, geometric nonlinear, and material and geometric nonlinear analyses. (c) The Standard contains a comprehensive range of tests for determining the stiffness and strength of rack components and subassemblies. Reference has been made to the European Racking Code (EN 15512) and the American Rack Manufacturers Institute Specification (RMI). The term ‘normative’ is used in this Standard to define the application of the appendix to which it applies. A normative appendix is an integral part of a Standard.

SPAR Pallet Racking is fully compatible in terms of slot patterns with the commonly used DEXION brand as well as designed and manufactured to

  • International manufacturing quality standard AS/NZS ISO9002
  • AS4084 (Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking)
  • SEMA - FEM 10.2.02 (European Design Code for Racking)
  • Rack Manufactures Institute (USA)
  • DIN 15018-2 (Deutsches Institut für Normung)

We import all our products from a trading partner whose calls Australia its largest export market. They use SS400 grade steel (certificates can be provided on request) in all the components. All beams come stamped with our company name SPAR so it’s obvious we are not here to make a quick buck but sell and install quality products at value for money price points. All our beams and frames are manufactured with 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm or 2.5mm thick steel depending on your requirements and weight capacities. We are big in custom made products given our customers who range from wool distributors to brake disc manufacturers.

We have tested our racking independently in Australia and have AS-4084 full engineering test reports from Melbourne's Monash University and Townsville’s James Cook University which are available for viewing when requested.

Please remember that any storage requirement to meet your needs is possible with a bit of innovation so speak to our team prior to making a decision and ensure you get the best deal. Our company believes in complete transparency and displays its product prices on this website. You will find most racking suppliers who ask their customer’s uncomfortable questions then quote on a case-to-case basis, what they perceive a price, you as a customer are likely to pay. We promise to try and beat any competitor's quote within reasonable bounds for a similar product just so that we do not lose you as a customer. You need to be aware that we can come close to but cannot beat USED product prices in any situation.