We provide a FREE design and quote service for all our customers which will include. A visit to your warehouse or facility to understand the requirement if requested. Consult and offer preliminary suggestions on an optimum and economical option available for your current and future needs. Design the layout within the budget if known. Price this designed layout at a no-frills minimal cost. Email you this quote with the price and layout for your quick decision.

We stock the quick moving products but can supply any product in our range with a lead time involved which is mainly a maximum of six to eight weeks from the date the order is placed. The most economical way to access our products is to pick them up from our warehouse by sending your trucks or organizing a delivery. If this does not suit your needs we deliver at competitive prices by accessing vendors for this service who have a an efficient system in place at a nominal cost. We assure you that this cost will be directly passed on to you without any margin loading from our side.

Installation of Pallet racking products is a specialized job and is best left to the experts. We retain teams of vendors for installation of our products and organize this economically in tandem with your pick up or delivery. These teams will work efficiently around your hours of convenience to ensure the system is up and ready for loading within the shortest possible time. The only responsibility you have as a customer is to keep the area free from goods and coordinate with us if the system is to be set up in phases.

SPAR representatives have the expertise to carry out visual audits of your pallet racking system and advise on its suitability with respect to current OH & S standards. This service call out and audit will be accompanied by a report on our recommendations in the form of critical and non-critical issues relevant to your system. This report can be discounted if SPAR is awarded the contract to fix the RED critical issues mentioned in our recommendations which will cover our costs of this exercise.